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Friday, December 11, 2009

Defining the Battlefront

"All will bear in mind this sacred principle, that the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable: that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression". No more true words have ever been spoken and more ignored than those of Thomas Jefferson during his first inauguration.

He was trying to educate those who had never truly understood why we should be governed as a republic rather than a democracy. We could really use him today. This battle still bubbles up as people are pushed through public school where they are told that democracy is fair and that a republic is oppressive. This skew in reality has led to the success of the democratic party and is dragging us down the path to destruction.

The point that Jefferson was making is that it was very difficult to create a government that was fair. It would take constant work and tremendous sacrifice from those who were governed in order to prevent our nation from being overtaken by soft tyranny. If you're asking what soft tyranny is, it's simple... it's called Democracy.

Democracy is, by definition, oppressive. That is, it only takes a majority to gain total control the minority. From this the majority can do anything from redistributing wealth to outright slavery. It seems far fetched but this is is the goal and the mantra of the left. They want to satisfy the majority at the expense of the minority. This is why they are slowly destroying the Constitution, a document that they call "outdated". Once it has no more value they can usher in a new era of "mob rule" and the liberty that built this country will be nothing but a distant memory.

We, you and I, need to remind people of why we are a republic and shift the political debates away from doing what is popular and towards how to make this a better republic. We need to challenge common senselessness and fight for what so many have died for in the past. Please, feel free to ask me any questions you have encountered in debate and I will help you teach others what it is to truly be an American. We must win this battle, if we do not... there will be no safe haven of liberty left in the world!


Silence DoGood said...

You contradict yourself so often it is laugh-worthy.

"It would take constant work and tremendous sacrifice from those who were governed..."

I thought you recently said that was the evil of Socialism, that it required the people to sacrifice? Governing by not-necessarily-the majority?

My point is made once again (thanks) that proponents of any extreme start to look the same in their control of society. Be it Socialism or Conservative totalitarian state.

And by the way the paper banner of Republic is a poor one word representation of what the founders of this country stood for. It simply menas lack of a monarch. The Peoples REPUBLIC of China claims the same thing.

flounder said...

The core difference between a republic (as defined by our founders) and all other known governments was best defined by Obama himself. Our Constitution is a document that restricts the government, "it tells us what the government cannot do to you" rather than "telling the government what it must do on your behalf". Obama saw this as a bad thing. He actually said that the government must have the power to force people to make the right decisions.

This is not American. If this is what you believe then I do not hold it against you but please go live that life in some other country and stop taking liberty from us.

The American way is that we are allowed to make our own decisions and take our own risks. It is the place of the government to prevent us from hurting others but we have the same liberty to destroy our lives as we do to enhance it. The rest of the world does not have this liberty. I realize there is insecurity inherrent with that kind of freedom but it's what led to our incredible success.

That risk is the sacrifice that Jefferson spoke of, not a sacrifice of liberty in the name of government. He said " if we cannot trust men to govern themselves then how can we trust them to govern others, have we found angels in the form of politicianc to lead us?". What does this quote mean to you?

flounder said...

By the way, China has a "communist constitution" and the word Republic in their title is a bad translation rather than a representation.

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