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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enimy at the Gate

Today we sit and wait for the verdict. Are we going to remain a nation of free people or have the majority figured out that they can vote away their freedom for a paycheck. As you leftists sit and cheer for this legislation, there are a few things you should consider.

First of all, the government has no power to produce! This means that it can only consume. Let me explain.. For the government to give something to someone they must first take it from someone else. As the government takes from one it divides what it takes, keeping its share and distributing the rest. Like any engine which is doing well to convert 60% of the energy it consumes to forward motion and losing the rest to heat, a government is perpetually inefficient.

Secondly; the harder you try to make all people equal the more you highlight their inequalities. The only way to provide universal equality is to ensure that all are equally without, that is, to strip everyone of everything. The movie "Enemy at the Gate" provides a subtle yet powerful example of this fact. The Soviet Union struggled with this paradox as it tried to create a universal utopia.

In a socialist society there is one constant and we are beginning to see it now. Each time an action or idea proves to be successful that success is equally divided throughout society. In financial terms, if the average income for 1000 people is 100 dollars a week and someone figures out how to double his money, that extra 100 is divided out 1000 ways. If you can't do the math then turn off your computer and go watch American Idol. With that incrimental increase resulting from doubled effort, why would anyone ever double their effort. And thus... equality through governmental interdiction.

Each time a socialist gets ahead there is a new law written to keep that from happening again. This is undeniable, look at the laws that govern your precious European nations. If this is the life you want then just hop on British Airways or build yourself a shotty raft and head to some other country. Please stop trying to destroy this great nation.

We are on the edge of a total loss of everything our soldiers have sacrificed for throughout time. I, for one, will not let this happen. We will fight this socialist takeover on a political level for as long as we have the means to do so. If, at some point in time, we lose the freedom to battle in the arena of ideas then we will take this fight to our death and defend the American way, by all means necessary.

I'm not suggesting we turn to violence in this battle, but rest assured... If you socialists think you can tread on us you are sadly mistaken!


Silence DoGood said...

Enemy (dude, spell checker) at the gate? We just defeated the enemy already withing the walls.

For years the insurance group monopoly that has systematically denied people the basic right to choose medical treatment. They have gone as far as to defeat the free market right to choose a product to buy.

Imagine walking into a store and been told you will be charged more or not allowed to buy at all. And all similar stores give you the same story. That is the opposite of whatever free-market myth the Right currently believes in.

They have been defeated in the interest of the General Welfare and we have joined other medern nations in supporting the people who live and work here instead of just the corporations.

Watch out credit card companies!

Anonymous said...

Its to bad fools dont know their fools.

flounder said...

We had the choice of not partaking in the previous monopoly, the new monopoly has far more power...Not looking like a good trade to me.
You know my plan and it is far more reasonable then just handing our decisions over to the idiots in DC.

AS for your store example, you had right to fire that store and tell others about it which would cause the ultimate demise of that store. Eventually you or someone else could open your own store and change the rules. Again, we can do no such thing with the government.

NOTHING in the constitution allows the federal government to take action in the name of the "general welfare" of the people. That clause was clearly defined as a way to keep the states together.

Other nations have always relied on our free market for their socialist market to survive. To want to join the ranks of lesser nations with far less access to care than us makes no sense.

The constitution says nothing about the right to health care but you want the government to buy it for all. So, since the Constitution does promise us the right to guns should the government buy guns for everyone?

Silence DoGood said...

Again there is the free-market myth.

There was no free-market previously in the area of health care. Insurance companies have managed our choices. You speak of something from a fairy tale that never existed.

Any talk of an exisitng free-market system is nonsense. There is no such thing now - how can it be taken away?

"Eventually you or someone else could open your own store and change the rules." No you cannot, not in a monopoly controlled market. I would be amused to watch you try to actually defy the almighty corporation.

Curious how you reject government control but submit like a sheep to corporate control and servitude.

Anonymous said...

Dictating the structure the insurance companies use to pay out claims is not a free market either. Insurance industry uses 1 - 5 - 10 year trends to figure their claim pay outs and the administrative costs to stay in business. Right now the ratio is at 65/35. The gov wants to arbitrarily set it at 85/15. If 65/35 stays in business, then 85/15 does not. This means premiums will have to skyrocket. I think the intent is to drive private insurance into the dumper and turn it into a single payer gov option. The ultimate monopoly.

flounder said...

The free market was saddled by government many years ago but it did exist. It existed in part until today.

Example; a local doctor I know does not except insurance. She only accepts cash. If you consider yourself healthy you could save the money that would otherwise go towards your premiums and collect the interest on that money. If you fell ill you had an option, you could work out a payment plan with her (which I have done in the past) or you could pay up front if you had the funds. Her service was drastically cheaper then pumping money into an insurance company because the contract was between the doctor and the client. That freedom has been stripped now. She will be required by the idiots who voted for these idiots to raise her prices and lose money at the same time while letting the idiots in DC make her rules.

I have never been a sheep to Big business, in fact, I have never paid a dime to an insurance company but I have survived Spinal Meningitis, severe burns, 15 broken bones (including a fractured neck), a severed finger, and countless stiches. Granted, I can't afford a big screen or a nice car or a playstation because I'm paying off my debt but then I have priorities.

This hatred for corporations is retarded. Corporations are made up of working people who buy things from other working people. Without these evil corporations our unemployment would be close to 70%.

My plan prevents both corporate and government monopolies and re-installs a strong free market. Rather than spending a trillion dollars (that is a dollar per second for about 35 thousand years) on bad health care we should get back to what made this nation great!

Silence doGood said...

Free market in Health care until "today"?

Insurance monopolies told doctors what they could charge, who would be allowed to buy insurance, what type of health care they got, when they had to just die instead of getting health care. They had their chance and destroyed any free market in health care.

If insurance companies had changed their ways and supported a free market even a little, there would have never been enough support for this government imposed free market.

Anonymous said...

I love that last quote. I would love to challenge you to take that quote to the next level. Check this out. http://www.frontsight.com/Dont-Tread-On-Me.asp Send out a don't tread on me flag to your reps and the pres. and keep up the good work. Don't let these socialists wanna be's get away with their garbage. Also don't let them force to believe their garbage.

flounder said...

The insurance company cannot tell the doctor what to charge me because I fired the insurance companies. That was true free market and if other free individuals had followed my lead then the insurance companies would have been forced by the free market to earn more business. Now we no longer have any of those freedoms. We must support the insurance companies regardless of the cost or service, how the hell do you consider that government imposed FREE MARKET? The free part has evaporated. This is flat out tyranny.

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