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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joining the rest of the Modern World?

I’ve brought it up before but I feel I must briefly visit the topic again. I keep hearing leftist idiots say that we are “finally joining the rest of the modern world” by installing socialized medicine. I decided to do the research and I was kind of surprised. I always knew that the majority of medical breakthroughs owed their existence but I didn’t realize just how right I was.

If you look up a list of the top 5, 10 or even 100 medical breakthroughs of all time you will find… wait.. Instead of telling you, I want you to figure it out for yourself. This way you can’t just call me a liar.

I will give you a hint. Every single one is the direct result of FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. I dare you to prove me wrong. If you consider Aspirin, a German invention which would (according to their own historical account) have never reached widespread availability had they not procured a US patent. In 1919 the Sterling Products company of West Virginia (that is in America for you liberals) risked $3 million on the development of Bayer’s Aspirin. This risk would be illegal under the new health care law.

Penicillin was discovered in Europe but the economy of the socialist European nations was prohibitive for the production of the necessary quantities for clinical trials. They “turned to the United States for help” and through private contributions Howard Florey and Norman Heatly were able to develop the life saving antibiotics that we rely on today. Again, the private funding would not have existed under the new Democratic health care bill.

I would argue that; if the progressives had forced this bill in the beginning of the American experiment then we would not have Aspirin, Antibiotics, anesthesia, artificial hearts, and most other advantages that modern medicine has brought us.

So, with this undeniable evidence to support my case then we must consider the next logical thought. What new breakthroughs will be restricted by our joining the rest of the modern world in adopting socialized medicine. What cures? What advancements? What treatments? What is the real cost of the destruction of the free market. What is the cost to your life and that of your children in the name of “punishing” successful companies for having a better idea and wanting to be paid for it?
I’ve said it before and I will say it again… If you don’t like America then leave it, don’t change it


Silence Dogood said...

@flounder "I’ve said it before and I will say it again… If you don’t like America then leave it, don’t change it" Ah - the tired cry of those longing for the status quo... soon to be followed by the threat of violence the Right often resorts to...

Since the founders of this country believed in the "change" you abhor, why aren't you leaving? The very act of founding this great country was a bold movement into the Modern World of that time.

If radical change was good enough for the Founders - it is good enough for me.

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."
Thomas Jefferson

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Leftists and Socialists somehow do not understand that people are motivated by rewards. When there are no rewards, there is little motivation. What kind of rewards does one receive, out of any norm, in a Socialist society? What motivation is there to excel?


flounder said...

So what you're saying is that; since our founders rebelled against tyranny in the name of freedom then is is patriotic to rebel against freedom in the name of tyranny. Good logic but self destructive.

Before our independence there were no other countries that offered the the system that our founders longed for so they created their own. Today, the left wants to change our system to match others. I have no other choices, we are the only capitalist republic in the world. You, on the other hand, could move to one of many socialist nations without skipping a beat and without destroying our only option.

The liberals own the market on turning to violence. How many conservative riots do you ever hear of? it is in our nature (as people who respond to logic over emotion) to work through problems.

America was in a plane that was running out of fuel. Some of us were trying to figure out how to land it when Obama pushed everyone out of the door to save them. Now they feel safe as they float weightlessly in the sky but sooner or later they will hit the ground and never understand what happened. I' however, am still going to figure out how to land this damn plane!

Silence DoGood said...

"How many conservative riots do you ever hear of? " Actually I said violence and that is what I mean.

I think NeoCon web sites listing Democrat home addresses so crazies can do harm, violent threats against politicians, shots fired at politicans, cut gas line, windows smashed, commentators, conservative politicians calling for people to be "taken out" (heard that multiple times)!

Those kind actions do not generate flower deliveries. They are intended to incite violence and that is not acceptable.

I guess the conservative notion of personal responsibility is on hold for a while while they whip up a little "action".

And that is just this week.

"Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them! "
Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

Wow Dogoods guy gets some power by any means possible...barely and he gets a big head. OH please Dogood can Obama take more liberties? I love the when they click the cuffs a little tighter on my wrists dont you? Oh by the way those people who throw bricks through windows and firebombs at police during the G8 summits are lefties. Oh yeah and I think Obamas friend Billy um uh um Ayres was a peace activist just looking to cook some hotdogs at the pentagon.

Chris said...

Wow, very strong topic. Silencedogood, the leftists are the ones chanting fur is murder, saying impeach bush, throwing shoes at him, trying to sell a senate seat, taking insane bribes in public, restricting gun rights, restricting our education, voting for a man who said numerous times that he wanted universal healthcare, backing up people like jesse jackson and al sharpton, backing up acorn,the unions, and freeing terrorists, trying them in civilian court, saying 911 was bushs idea, keeping black people oppressed through slavery and segregation. Did I leave anything out? Wait, I did. CLINTON FIRED HALF OF OUR ARMED FORCES!!!!!!! And we're the party of hate? Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, no wait, that's not pc, "african american."

Silence DoGood said...

@ anon "guy gets some power by any means possible...barely and he gets a big head"

I don't know how to respond to this. I understand the words separately but they do not make sense together???

@ Chris - so I argue that the Right is inciting violence. You respond by saying the Left does it too? I disagree with those on the left that do violence to. When have I ever endorsed violence here. Is that right wing Christianity speaking? Two wrongs make it right?

AND your examples are not even about violence! (chanting, impeaching, etc are legal) Oh yes throwing a shoe is a little violent but that was in another country.

Not writing in sentences and not putting together a coherent line of thought is really not doing anything for the image of the Right.

Excepting Flounder, are there any bloggers on here that don't seem like they are trying to make the Right look stupid?

I challenge you: Read some of the works of the founding fathers! They were smart, educated, well spoken, philosophical, profound. If you are admiring the original leaders in this country, at least try to emulate them.

“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.”
Rene Descartes

Anonymous said...

actually the threats and violent acts last week were more serious from the left, the bullet went through republican headquarters.. who knew a lib knew how to load a gun?
flounder is away with his family and will straighten you all out when he gets back sunday

flounder said...

In general the left wing radicals have been the "activists" and the right have been "seperatists". Since the rebirth of the progressive movement of the sixties we have seen countless sit ins and blockades that from the left but MOST right wing radicals tend to build communities in the mountains. The new tea party movement is unique but I challenge you to look up the number of arrests at a tea party rally compared to any liberal event (including concerts). The left is bound by their lack of structure and respect to "act a fool" when they gather. Sorry this is just a basic fact of life.

We have gotten away from the point though.. The fact that this health care bill is unconstitutional is self evident. The fact that it is unpopular is also evident by the polls (for whatever they are worth). The fact that nationalized health care ALWAYS supresses medical advancements can not be denied either. The fact that our government has never been close when predicting the cost of a program is well documented. The fact that the existing federal health care plans here and abroad are all in the red should give us pause and the premise that this bill is just plain bad for America is well supported by the facts and will soon be proven one way or the other.

flounder said...

What got lost from that comment is this: So called "peaceful protests" such as "sit-ins" and blockades are anything but peaceful. They are an act of force! To prevent access from a property by blocking it means that you are forcing someone from their own property. The proper response is to forcefully remove the obsticle. Any other means of removal (such as comprimise) is strictly an act of compassion and is left to the owner of the property. I promise that anyone who tries to prevent me from gaining access to my property will be met with greater force! It is, however, the squatter that provokes the violence.

Silence DoGood said...

@flounder "and the right have been "seperatists". "

...separatists that plot to kill policemen in the line of duty based on right wing Christian morals, according to reports.

Not very separate or peaceful or patriotic or Christian in my opinion. But you go ahead and root for them if you wish.

Silence DoGood said...

...and of course the abortion doctor killer took the stand today too.

Even with the whining about the "liberal media", you really can't spin murder and plots to murder too many ways.

That is the peaceful, law abiding right wingers for you.

And for lesson on what sit-ins and blockades are really about you might want to read Thomas Paine's Common Sense, you know from the American Revolution. It is called civil disobedience and the right wing could learn a lesson about peaceful protest from that as opposed to murder and violence.

flounder said...

The story I heard was that the only person of those arrested in that police plot who was regestered to a party was regestered as a dem. It was a right wing conservative malitia that turned them in!

The numbers are overwhelmingly in my favor. I dare you to walk through a prison and take a poll of how many self professed Democrats compared to Republicans. I have never heard of a Right wing dictator but the left owns Hitler, Chavez, Castro, Stalin, Mussolini..they have never done any harm.

Not necessarily directed to you but why do leftists evoke our founders to tell us why we should overthrow what they created

Silence DoGood said...

You insult the intelligence of everyone reading this. You are seriously proposing that the HUTAREE organization is liberal or democrat-based?

I could quote endless news stories but the blind will cry liberal media bias.

I challenge all your readers to inspect the HUTAREE.COM web site and see what they are about in their own words.

It is the worst of the chrisitan right wing violence promoters. But don't take my word - let these thugs tell you themselves.

And think good and hard if you think they might be OK.

And a militia group did not turn them in. After having Hutaree attend their meetings, they did nothing. Only when they received a call from Hutaree that law enforcment was at the door did the militia group simply turn a deaf ear so as not to get invovled. The FBI was concluding their investigation at that point. Before there was trouble they obviously saw no problem with these nut cases.

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