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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Cash for Clunkers".. Can we trade in a bad president?

Can you believe how great the "cash for clunkers" program is? I mean.. the fact that it was swamped by people taking advantage of the great deal and that it ran out of money in one week means that it was a great success right?

WRONG! Moron! The government decides to hand out free money and everyone wants some... Wow... what a surprise. If they hand out free gas do you think that, even though most people can pay for their own, the pumps would run dry in a week? If they hand out free beer to you think that only the poorest people would swing by and have a few? How long will the kegs last before they go dry? If they hand out free healthcare will the majority of people stop paying for theirs and jump into the free system? How long do you think that will take to run out of money?

The damage is irreversable and it has been done. You idiots that are so gung ho about "cash for clunkers" really didn't think this through, did you? Where do you think these billions of dollars are coming from? The government is borrowing that money from you to help put you deeper into debt, believe me, they are coming back for it soon too.

Think about it... You had a vehicle that you didn't owe much (if any) on. You took government money to help get "lower payments" on a new car. Now you have a long streched out payment plan and you owe a bank several thousand dollars. You are paying far more in payments then you were paying for your bad gas mileage. Plus.. now everyones taxes will have to go up in order to make up for the governments losses.

Even if your taxes aren't touched because of low income you will still see a difference in your income. You see, when Obama taxes the "rich", who are the people who own the businesses that you frequent, they simply raise prices to fill that gap. You will start paying more and your money wont go as far as it once did. You know this to be true because you remember when gas was only $0.98 per gallon and soda was a quarter but you were making less so it was just as hard to pay for anything.

If you bought into the plan for the "environmental effects" then you should be ashamed of yourself. Now the government is going to be using vast amounts of energy to convert all of those gas guzzlers into simple land pollutants. Pollutants that will slowly seep chemicals into our soil and groundwater and do not "wash out" nearly as fast as the emmissions would have. It's true... look it up!

So now that Obama has taken ownership of GM, much of the banking industry, much of the enrgy industry, your vehicle and soon the healthcare industry... all of that will be like free money. All of us will have to pay into the pot that helps spread out our posessions equally and we will be called unpatriotic if we complain. Yep... kinda reminds me of another place I once knew of, over seas, you know the one. But then that didn't work out so well for Russia did it... don't worry though... Obama can do exactly the same thing in exactly the same way and get totally different results. Yeah... that's it, that's what's gonna happen.

Now my money will be worth less, my healthcare will be crappy, my gas will be much more expensive and you will be driving around in a car that everyone else helped you pay for. Thanks Obama supporters, now because of your ignorance, our children will never know the freedoms that we enjoyed in our youth. I hope you like your change... Dip-Wit!

Oh, how long will it take for Obama to go after the food industry? I garuntee it will happen some day, assuming he doesn't get dragged out of office by some real patriotic Americans first.

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