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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Brothers Keeper

You may have noticed that I have moved away from hard facts and figures that support my philosophy and focused on the philosophy itself. Don't worry, the facts will return... I am in the throws of some tremendous research and I refuse to enter the details of that research until the logical (objective) conclusion has been established.

The reason that I have been pushing philosophy over substance is related to some conversations that I've engaged in recently. Primarily, but not exclusively, the debates with my brother. He is an intelligent man but perhaps too educated, regardless, he is a good measure of what the bulk of self proclaimed "independents" are thinking.

You see, he is in the video production industry and has spent countless years in school followed by a long term career surrounded by leftists. He has resisted the worst part of the natural indoctrination but has fallen prey to just enough of it to cloud his judgement.

Several years ago my father and I were debating with my brother, about what I really don't remember, and my father brought up that we must always be prepared to fight off a potential communist/socialist takeover. I remember the laugh to this day, it was that condescending, arrogant, sarcastic laugh, as he claimed that we "were living in the 1950s". We could not convince him that our country could ever be turned socialist, he simply wrote that suggestion off as absurd.

So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. In a similar debate, my father and I against my self proclaimed independent brother, We were able to convince him that the current political climate is in favor of socialism. It was not easy, but through facts and audio/video evidence we laid out an iron clad case for our claims.

Once convinced that the previously inconceivable march towards socialism was becoming a dark reality, he said something that shook me to the core. He said "good, it's better than capitalist greed". It was at that moment that I realized that my argument would have to take a dramatic change. Instead of trying to prove that Obama and company were socialists, I'd now be forced to defend capitalism over socialism. Something that I can't believe I could have to do.

So in my recent posts I've been trying to help people define who they really are, to make them think through their own philosophy and to better understand that of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Thomas Paine and me. Once people are in touch with their own beliefs I intend to provide information that will, like polarized sunglasses, help them look past the reflections of blue Sky and puffy clouds on the surface of the water, and into the depths where the sharks circle in anticipation of an effortless meal.

We are the generation that will either go down as the one that voted away our own freedom or the one that stood fast against the socialist tsunami that has building beneath the surface for a hundred years and is finally reaching the shore. You, the single person, have infinite power to protect that which is being attacked. You need only to acquire and spread knowledge, it is knowledge that will keep us free and the children of those who oppose you the most, will someday thank you.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Allow me to make one very salient observation that I hope may shed some light on your project:

Simply because one is educated, does not make one learned.


flounder said...

The problem with todays education system is this... I was given blocks of information in school and the task of remembering that information long enough to pass the test. Then I was given the next block of information with the same task.

We are provided with "knowledge" and told to remember it and then told that we are educated if we can do so. The knowledge that we are exposed to is the consensus of the sum of the facts and not the raw facts themselves.

We know that there are 7 colors in the rainbow (roygbiv) because we are educated, however, simple math tells us that there must be 9 colors. Many people never question this math because they "know" what they know.

This is the battle that we face, teaching people to forget what they know and to learn the truth.

Few people actually know that we are NOT a democracy, rather, we are a Republic. Most people think that the phrase "no taxation without representation" means that you can be taxed as long as you have congressional representation, even if it is against the wishes of his constituancy. It is far more complicated than that!

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