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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spoiled Rotten Brats

No matter what your political inclination is one thing always rings true... nobody likes a spoiled rotten brat. You know the one, mommy and daddy always threatened to punish him but never did. They told him he couldn't have it but he took it anyway. When he got himself in trouble he could be sure that his parents would bail him out so he made no effort to avoid that trouble.

Once he grew up his daddy got him a cushy job at the office where he had few responsibilities and did even less work while you had to pick up the slack. You couldn't do anything about it either, if you reported his lack of production you became the bad guy and would suffer for it.

Today that guy is all around us. The number of spoiled brats has increased and those who have to pick up their slack are suffering more than ever. Even if you are a tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal you must admit that you have no love for these jackasses, that is.. unless you are one of them.

So if these guys, who have never been required to earn anything and have been rewarded greatly for doing nothing, are such a thorn to everybody else then why is the left trying to turn us all into those people?

Think about it... They want to lower the wages of the most productive people on earth while raising the wages for those who simply show up. They want to tax those who have earned money in order to pay for those who earn nothing. They want to bail out everyone who bought more than they could pay for while offering nothing to those who showed discipline. They want to offer property, transportation and a health care package to the least productive guy in the office, because he's the guy that voted for them, while taking those things away from those who have been forced to shoulder an increasing amount of the load. Then, after all of that, they call those overburdened hard workers who start to complain all kinds of names like heartless death eaters and suggest that they, because of their opposition, are being paid by "big insurance" and are merely greedy.

Frankly, I don't know how these tyrants can sleep at night. I guess they are so wrapped up in the idea of being "liberal" or "progressive" that they refuse to look at the reality of their actions. They have been taught by Hollywood as well as our socialist education system that becoming rich makes you greedy and therefore EVIL! What was once the very American dream, that propelled global society light years beyond any previous civilization, is now taboo. You must assimilate or become assimilated, I feel like I fell into one of those windows from the old TV show Sliders and landed in an alternate universe.

So, lefty, who are you? Are you the tyrannical moral authority that feels that all people should be rewarded for the work of those who choose to provide? Or, are you the proud but ignorant soldier of socialism because you actually think that it's ok to spoil your kids rotten, even if it bankrupts you?

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