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Friday, October 30, 2009

What's Wrong With Socialism: Part II


As I've pointed out in the past, socialism around the world is totally dependent on our free market. Those who are dis-allowed to partake in our system (like Cuba) suffer greatly in terms of quality of life. The only reason Cubans survive at all is because they are helped by other nations who do take part in our economy.

According to the Canadian governments trade statistics, roughly 80% of Canada's economy revolves around the export of goods to the United States and of all of the countries which they import from we are responsible for 75% (ish) of their imports. If you start looking around the world you will find this to be a universal constant, after all, why do you think the dollar is the single most accepted currency in the world.

We (Americans) have been providing the world with the technology as well as an open market to keep their economies going for over 150 years, what happens when we stop being us and start being them?

Back in the turn of the century (around 1900) we saw a huge influx of immigrants from almost every nation in the world. It was almost as if everyone in the world wanted to live in our free market in stead of their closed market for some strange reason.

The pain of that growth was evident through our political strife. Suddenly the majority of Americans had no education and little or no knowledge of what being American was all about. They brought in their own ideas of how government should be run and were dead set on rebuilding that with which they were familiar. This is what gave us the "Progressive Republicans", "socialists" and "Democratic" parties of that era.

With more democratic power than brains they started several social programs... some of which are stuck with us today. Things like the minimum wage, social security and labor unions were the foundation for unregulated regulation. Even the Supreme Court was filled with idiots that applied their ideals to their interpretation of our Constitution. (Does any of this sound familiar)

Once these leftists gained power (through the promise of Robin Hood economics) they made quick work of overturning certain parts of the bill of rights with new amendments. Now the government would have a little wiggle room to start taxing in ways that would have made our founders take up arms. That was where our economy became forever tied to our politics, that was the socialist cancer on the hide of an otherwise healthy steed.

We have learned that the free market is much stronger than socialism because we have survived, but are severely wounded by, the Cancer on our hide. It seems that, with the turn of the new century, our cancer has begun to spread again. This is due to the same lack of understanding and knowledge that led to the birth of said cancer so many years ago. Hopefully we can force this cancer back into remission and regain our place as the greatest Nation in the world.

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