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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Liar Liar!

Ok, I've had enough! Lets put a stop to this right now...

I'm sick of hearing the word "liar" being thrown around so much. Face it, most of aren't liars, we just have different sources from which we gain our knowledge. But to get cornered in a debate and resort to calling the other party a liar is just childish.

Don't get me wrong, people do lie... I just prefer to question their sources and force their hand before I go all in on whining about their lies. For instance.. Bill Clinton lied about Monica. Reagan lied about the arms for hostages deal. Obama lied when he said that he wasn't after a single payer system... or maybe he lied all of those times he said he was... In any case, we know that these were lies because the facts have hit the table and the proof is in the pudding.

On the other hand, I had a leftist call ,me a liar when I stated that there were countless tons of WMDs spread around Iraq and recovered during the war. Just because the facts did not support their opinion does, it does not make them false. It is an absolute fact that we recovered WMDs over there, the scary part was that we lost a disturbing amount of those weapons during the whole thing.

I hear it on both sides, it seems like if someone doesn't know about something then they consider it to be a lie. So, from now on, when someone makes an outragious claim, do not call them a liar, call them out. Ask them where they got that info and check it out yourself. Go to their source and find it, then cross reference it with other sources. If you read enough perspectives you will eventually start to see where the truth sits.

This is how a master debater builds his knowledge without embarassing himself by resorting to name calling and refusing to see the rest of the truth. This is also how some left wingers find enlightenment and come to the right where the soul is in peace and the facts are the foundation for philosophy (not the other way around) as I did when i was just a teenager.

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