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Friday, September 11, 2009

See, Obama's corrupt, just like the rest

So that I don't insult anyone whom I did not intend to insult, I feel I must clarify something. When I speak of Liberals and conservatives I am not speaking of Republicans or Democrats. The battle between liberal (left) and conservative (right) Ideals is just that, a pair of opposing theories on the way to govern a nation. Democrats and Republicans, as previously described, are a pair of slick talking heads that allow us to choose the mouth to enter only to end up rotting together in the belly of the same snake.

Now that that is clear... The right is finally starting to move away from the two party system but the left, on the other hand, seems firmly attached to partisan politics.

The proof!... Starting with the recent speech to congress regarding health care. When Obama mentioned that "defensive medicine may raise the cost of care", every Democrat in congress looked as if he just shot their dog. The Republican scumbags applauded (as did I) but the Democratic scumbags just sat with an angry look on their collective face.

COME ON! First of all, Obama came far short of facing the reality that the legal system is MOSTLY responsible for high insurance premiums but at least he acknowledged the possibility. The rest of his supporting cast wants us to believe that they are only interested in helping the poor and being just, but, they are so disconnected that they think that outragious law suits are no factor at all. Somehow, I just don't believe that.

More likely, they are in the pockets of "big lawyers" (as they would put it) and are only paving the road for much greater trouble in our nations courtrooms. They want everyone to be insured so that law suits can continue to line their pockets... Don't believe me? look up how much money the Dems have and where they got it. The proof is in the pudding.

Now we have the ACORN thing. The vast evidence of corruption within that organization seems to keep flowing out while Obama keeps pumping money back in. For all of the crap that I heard from the left and the Dems about Halliburtin (however you spell it), I don't remember them ever actually breaking any laws, not to mention confessing to election fraud on a massive scale!

Perhapse with this information we should reconsider Obamas right to preside, wait, nevermind... God forbid they kick him out and put McCain in his place. That would truly be a disaster.

The point is.. We now know for a FACT that Obama and the majority of Dems are corrupt. We can also be quite sure that the vast majority of republicans are equally corrupt. Can we finally stop blindly marching behind these scumbags and start digging decent people out of our society to help represent the good people of this great nation?

I, for one, am willing to run for office if you think I'm fit. Just let me know so we can get this thing started.


Silence DoGood said...

Your opening paragraph is right on the money. I agree.

As a liberal-libertarian, let me inform you that I am sick of the RNC-DNC club as well.

And I did NOT vote for Obama or McCain. I do not buy the myth of the wasted vote.

I voted my conscience and always will.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And that comes as a surprise to



Silence DoGood said...

Well it was quite a surprise to me how many people in my state DID vote and did NOT vote RNC-DNC clubhouse.

Most people I talk to face to face fall into your "ANYone" category sadly. 80% come back with the wasted vote myth.

I am in a smaller population state and 1000's fall into that category. I really was surprised to see so many voters actually thinking about what they were doing.

The media always likes to frame the politcal activities as Dem vs Repub as if we are watching a sporting event.

And in the election McCain and Obama both worked this angle in ways that I thought were pretty transparent. But it worked and it worked better for Obama as it turned out.

BTW - have you looked up Bloviating?

flounder said...

Here in the sunshine state (Fl), we were under tremendous pressure to vote against the other party because we were sure that the election would come down to hanging chads again.

Now that we are looking to fill the Senate seat left by Martinez we are being told that we MUST vote for Crist because Rubio is unelectable. Marco Rubio is the "common sense" competition to the political puppet that is Charlie Crist.

So we seem to be the Capitol of the myth. I would rather see my fellow Floridians vote for that Mouse in orlando than just line up to vote against the "greater of two evils".

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