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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Snooze Button

Is it me or is the argument moving to the left. During the campaign we, the right wingers, were trying to convince people that Obama was a socialist. The response from those who were backing Obama was that we were just trying to scare people into voting for a republican. They denied any socialist inclination on behalf of Obama and refused to look at the facts.

Then the government take over of the banking industry as well as the automotive industry took place. We pointed to that as the evidence of Obama's attempt at moving our nation towards socialism. Those who voted for him felt as if we were attacking them and came to his defense. They claimed that it was necessary to take over those industries in order to save the economy and the many jobs that were at stake. They swore that there was no tie to socialism, that it would be a short term fix but those entities would be returned to the market once Obama saves the economy.

Then the truth about Obama's appointments was exposed. We pointed to the admitted communists and proud radicals as proof that Obama was on the road to socialism. We saw video of his czars telling us that they had to quiet their own intents in order to push through their socialist agenda. We heard Obama tell us to judge him by those who he surrounds himself with, yet, his supporters just claimed that we were claiming guilt by association. They said that we were engaged in a "smear campaign" against everyone around Obama while we only pointed to what came from their own mouths as the proof of their intentions, but still, they insisted that socialism was not the goal.

By this point they were beginning to really trash capitalism. They were beginning to hate the free market while looking to other nations as a guide to a more "fair" system. They refused to acknowledge that those model countries were socialist and denied that we could ever become a socialist society.

Now we are slowly seeing a shift in our debates. We are watching as the ignorant masses start to admit that they would accept socialism and rather than denying that Obama is pushing socialism. Now we are actually forced to defend free market capitalism as a philosophy against the overwhelming push toward socialism. How is it possible that people who, a year ago, got angry with us for suggesting that we were headed towards socialism are now defending that very system.

Seriously, if I hear one more indoctrinated nitwit say "what's wrong with socialism" I'm going to blow a gasket. I mean... really? Do I really have to answer that question? How the heck did we get here? I know the answer to that question but I still refuse to believe that people are that ignorant. To look at the rest of the world and not be able to see that all of their advances, all of their successes and all of their freedoms are a direct result of our free market is evidence that the majority of our populous has just given up looking for answers and simply accepted the "common sense" as reality.

Most people think of us (people who actually follow politics) as geeks. We need to "get a life" as they would say. Meanwhile they get any and all political opinion through marketing. They see a 30 second news clip and assume that it represents the entirety of the story so they then feel confident in their own conclusions. So much so that they are willing to fight against anyone who would challenge them to look deeper into a subject and refuse to hear any new information.

This indoctrination is nothing new. Even during the days of the revolution there was a constant battering from the media about how radical our forefathers were. It is accepted that more than 70% of Americans opposed the Revolution, yet, these free thinkers pushed through the nonsense and brought a change toward freedom, far from the kind of change that we face now.

If you call yourself a "progressive" or think of yourself as a "liberal" and still refuse to see that we are rolling down the hill towards socialism then please wake up! This is your alarm, this is your chance to beak the trance. If, on the other hand, you consider yourself all of these things and are accepting, even excited about socialism then please explain to me why you like this idea. Please leave a comment so that we can understand how you've come to this acceptance and give me the chance to engage you in a reasonable debate.

If you are with me then stop letting people mash the snooze button and start dragging them out of their slumber. It is information that brought us our freedom two hundred years ago and it is information that will help us keep that freedom today.


Foxwood said...

What is being taught in your school?
Do you care?
Maybe your the problem.


flounder said...

Be sure to check out Foxwoods blog. It is very informative and full of great links that you can use for thought grenades against the anti-American left.

Silence DoGood said...

I would like to offer a different explanation for The Obama. Is he really a liberal? I would make the case he is just a plain old politician-user.

He has really dropped the ball for a lot of the liberal issues he proposed on the way to getting elected. Just some simple examples:
- he claimed no corporate $$$ donations but now we know he took lots.
- he claimed he would close Guantanomo but now we know he just moved some prisoners around and it is still open!
- he will bring Peace and end Wars and now we see more troops planned for going abroad. And he just re-classified "torture", "war", and other inconvenient terms.

I could go on and on but when you look close he has angered conservatives with wild liberal sword rattling, and ticked off liberals (not be confused with Democrats) who are not seeing what they want to see. And in the mess he is making, government is getting bigger without purpose - I am generally very suspicious of implied conspiracy. I think rather it is aimless power grabbing.

He ran on the myth of the regular guy who cares and will Make it All Better with The Change. But now we see he is a rich, connected, slick lawyer, who knows how to work the system.

When even Michael Moore is calling Obama out on big corporation influence, it makes me wonder: What does Obama actually stand for?

Answer: himself.

The above is an opinion from the pro-American Left.

flounder said...

I love the pro American left... These are people you can actually debate with.

I not pushing a conspiracy theory. The sharing of a fundimental agenda by mutiple people in power is a movement reather than a conspiracy. So which Democrats do you like Silence Do Good? And why does that sound like a name from George of the Jungle?

Silence DoGood said...

There are many Libertarians or even Green Party members that would get my vote before most of the Democrats. At least they are genuine in their belief.

Obama is liberal-lite. If a candidate really wants to promote Socialism for example, run on that, let the people decide if they want that and move on. Obama on the other hand just promised Change, and Peace, and Hope, and Race - words that got votes but no actual philosophy. I disagree with people calling him a socialist. Obama is an Obamist - it is all about him.

That is why L.Farrakhan wasn't so far off in referring to Obama as a Messiah (gag). That was the platform, not any politics I can identify.

P.S. Silence DoGood was a thinly veiled pen name that Ben Franklin used.

flounder said...

I think you are right, he is an Obamaist, but his programs are socialist.

So please define for me what it is that you would do if given the power. What are our problems and how do you solve them.

It seems that the differences between Franklin and Jefferson are not too far removed from our own.

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