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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Unthinkable

It seems inevitable that we are headed for a major event in our nations history. The question at hand is what type of an event it will be.

Will it be strictly political or will there be an Arch Duke Ferdinand moment that tips the balance and causes a flood of violence and civil unrest. Maybe, God forbid, this whole thing could lead to a civil war or a revolution.

The left is already calling it a political revolution. That is to say that they are proud that they have turned our country on its ear and they are now aggressively working on (as Obama said) "fundamentally changing America".

So with that in mind I think I should help you understand the difference between a revolution and a civil war. Simply put... it's the winner.

If the standing nation is challenged and defeated then we have experienced a "revolution". On the other hand, if the standing nation is able to crush or even resist the opposition then it would have been a "civil war".

So, for now, we have a political entity that has gained power and is beginning to challenge the basic foundation of America as we've known it and a grass roots effort to stand up against that change. At some point somebody will have to give in and say uncle or it WILL escalate to an all out war.

Looking at the two groups involved are you willing to place a bet on which side that will be? I promise you that the resistance will never lie down and just accept the "Change" that is being forced down our throats. That just leaves one possibility... somehow I just don't see the left (who has invested sooo much into this takeover) giving up the fight either. But then.. maybe they realize that it is the right that has been buying all of the ammo for the past 9 months.

I do not hope for this kind of battle but I can see it coming. Just stew on it for a while, you know I'm right. This is why we need to get the information out there to as many people as possible. If everyone chooses to work this out the right way (through discussion and understanding) then those who are behind this takeover will feel so small that they will slither back into the darkness, alone and defeated!

If we cannot accomplish this then we may find out, the hard way, if this is a new revolution or just another civil war.


Anonymous said...

While I think we will experience a change in government both because it is needed and it must, I do think you may be over-rating the leaders of our country.
There have been many times throughout our country's history that the people have feared losing the governement that our founding fathers earned us. Our country experienced scares to include such times as the fear of Big Brother. This did not cause a revolution or civil war. It was a time when the pendulum was swinging to the far end of the arc. And we are there again right now. And again, I do think our country will survive as it has in past times.
We are in less treat now than ever before because unlike earlier times in our history, there has never been the amount of disrespect and distrust for the government. As much as it disgusts me to see the disrespect for elected leaders, with that comes as lack of willingness to blindly follow. We are in an age with no heros. A victor today is degraded by media by tomorrow. There is no belief in any hero the way there was when these events and movements happened in the past. In today's day, the people in the United States have learned to distrust and doubt. This limits the power of any and all authority.
As long as people are encouraged to question the leaders,our system of government is reinforced. We do not need to distrespect the leaders but do need to continue to ask questions. Now more than ever, it is not only acceptable but also standard practice to question authority in relation to elected officials. Your blog and ones like this reinforce practicing the rights of speech, and assembly. This in turn, reinforces the value of our right to vote and choose our leaders with care. These are the real practices in which this county was founded.

However, while I do not think a revolution or civil war is in our future, I think you are kidding yourself if you think we can ever be the country our Founding Fathers established. That was disolved long ago when lobbyists became part of the system. Greed took over and we will never get that back.

flounder said...

I'd have to say that it is the very lack of leadership that you point to that is paving the way for the potential violence.

The unguided frustration of those who consider this a take over is causing a misdirected backlash that is powered by frustration. It is the small pockets of people who are consumed with emotion and seeking a place to relieve that pressure that represent a threat to civility. If we cannot inform and guide them then we might see increasing levels of violence.

The media and the left will paint those people as wrong in philosophy rather than in actions. As a result, others who are already on the edge will be forced to defend their own philosophy against a mob of headhunters who have wrongly associated patriotism with anger and violence.

We are watching a strong movement (founded in class envy) of people who intend to take freedom and property from the minority and spread it around to the majority. Those who believe in individual freedom are, by nature, much more likely to defend that freedom (at any cost) then those who impose their will are willing to fight for it. This is an historical constant.

The examples are fluid throughout history, just look at every society where this government imposition has taken place. There is always an underground movement (a mob if you will) which works outside of the law in order to retain the fruits of their labor.

This capitalist underbelly lacks the strength of fair government representation and thus must govern through violence. Call it what you want but this is a civil war by definition and in the case of Prohibition, it was a civil war that was eventually won by the people of America who overturned the government imposition that hurt them as individuals.

The fact is that many wars have been fought within the United States, from the civil rights movement to the Ruby Ridge incident, but the numbers have been insignificant. Now, this is not the case, the masses of people who have always just accepted the nonsense in Washington are fed up and ready to do whatever it takes to stop it.

I just hope that our Hero will step up and take the helm before we lose control.

Anonymous said...

Where does that leave us with no heros? Should we all feel the need to be our own hero and begin new power struggles against ourselves and our neighbors? This adds to the power of the government to control the people, it does not diminish it.

flounder said...

It brings us back to the stated potential for a very bad ending. I am doing my part simply by explaining how this whole thing could end and working to change that path. It is up to all of us to shed light on what"s happening around us. It is also up to all of us to work against it and bring back the great nation that we once were.

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