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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flounders Dictionary/Translator

One of the biggest disconnects in political debates is the language barrier. Yes, we are debating in English but for the left words hold different definitions than for the right. For this reason I have created the left to right translation dictionary..


.....Left: Dessent is the highest form of patriotism, to agree with or support any governing body or fundamental reasoning would make you imperialistic. To be truly patriotic means that you should defy your parents, employers and founding fathers.

.....Right: To support and defend the ideals of your patriarch is the foundation of patriotism.


.....Left: Clinton, FDR, Obama, Marx

.....Right: Jefferson, Washington, Madison


.....Left: The right to do whatever you want without being held responsible for the results. Freedom from being homeless, hungry, ill, lonely or otherwise uncomfortable is the governments responsibility to everyone, not our own.

.....Right: The right to take risks and be bound to the results. If a free man takes a risk and loses everything then he must find his own way out, if he gets filthy rich then he gets to keep all of it.


.....Left: Rights are granted by the majority, as long as the majority agrees with the left. Everyone has the right to take the excesses from the rich and equally distribute them throughout society.

.....Right: Rights are granted by god and they only include life, liberty and the product of ones own labor. For liberty see freedom.


.....Left: An evil group of people who have taken the money from the poor and force them to work long hours as slaves to their own income.

.....Right: Those who have earned, through effort, a mass of money with which they often invest into private industry and create jobs while increasing wealth. Some of the rich worked enough to support several generations of their family, thus creating the illusion of "unworthy rich" which creates anger and jealousy on the left.


....Left: Wise and worthy people who have been robbed of their opportunity by the mean rich people. They always have honorable intentions, even when they resort to crime in place of being forced to work as a slave to the rich.

....Right: people who, for whatever reason, have not yet taken the steps required to get rich. The rich want the poor to become rich so that they will spend more money.


.....Left: A system that punishes the rich for having so much money. Lawyers enforce justice through such acts as fining a company thousands of dollars because a poor guy bit into a candy bar that had a worm in it.

....Right: A system that gives every person a chance to defend his actions in front of an unbiased jury. The system is blind and cannot see the race or wealth of those involved.


.....Left: An organized crime unit, funded by republicans, who travels the world killing and raping civilians while claiming land in the name of oil.

.....Right:The best and bravest of Americas youth. They travel the world killing terrorists (hooah) in the name of spreading freedom in order to protect our own peace. They also spread food and water in times of emergency and rebuild most of what they destroy.


.....Left: Total governmental control over where every single gun in the United States is located. Keeping guns out of the hands of anyone beyond authority figures (military, police, Obama's youth army)

.....Right: A steady hand! The ability to place multiple rounds into a small grouping.

Feel free to add your own definitions and debate over them. for now, however, I think I've got the more important ones covered.

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Silence DoGood said...


.....left: use taxes and financial regulation to force people to do what you want ending up with a bigger government

.....right: use moral guilt and moral regulation to enable niche religions to exercise control ending up with a bigger government

.....left/right: alternate to build government on top of government trying to cancel each other out. But never EVER make government smaller or spend less money.

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