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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Middle Class Warfare

One of the guiding principals of the modern democratic party is the "strengthening of the middle class". By this they mean the expansion of the middle class. They have gained much political ground by promising to favor the middle class and helping the poor achieve that beloved level of mediocrity. So, have you ever questioned why the right never wants to talk about their programs to help the middle class?

The fact is that the Dems support the lower and middle class while the Rebublicans support the rich. I guess if you are a shallow minded moron with no faith in humanity you might think that this makes the Republicans evil while escalating the Dems to a high level of moral greatness. If you think this way then please run up to the local Wal-Mart, buy some personal lubricant and start spreading it LIBERALLY around your neck... Because... I'm about to force your head back out of your rectum.

You see, over the last few decades I have had to listen to the left complain about how, during Republican administrations, the middle class shrinks while the rich get richer. The facts that they show us only prove that the upper middle class break through the economic barrier and move into the rich column which lowers the number of "middle class" by that percentage.

The facts that they do not show us relate to the ever climbing divorce rate within the U.S.. You see, if a couple who claims a household income of $45k (well within the middle class) gets a divorce, they have now split into two single people who report about $20k which places them into the catagory of "poor". This takes 1 point from the middle class average but adds 2 points to the lower class average, completely skewing the integrity of the results.

So now on to the important stuff. I do not want a leader who needs me to either stay poor or not ever get rich in order to win elections. I am working on getting rich some day and I do not wish to be punished should I reach that goal. The conservatives, however, support, and are supported by, the rich. Therefore, they will only gain if their voters gain. They need more people to get rich in order to get the number of votes needed to stay in office.

You tell me, which person is the real hero? The guy who wants a broader middle class or the guy who wants everyone to be wealthy. I know what you're thinking, "the rich get there on the backs of the workers so there will be as many poor as rich". It seems that way but the economy is not a zero sum game.

I know how hard it is for you to comprehend but we can all be wealthy. Okay, maybe not all of us but we can all be paid according to what we are willing to put in to it. There will always be those who either will not or cannot work. For them there is charity, not government handouts.

The final question is how to define the middle class. For centuries, before we came along, the middle class were those who had food and shelter. Then came cars and boats and second homes and big screen televisions.....

The middle class today is infinatly more wealthy than that of 60 years ago and lets be honest, the poor aint doing too bad neither. I have been to the welfare office and seen the kids sitting in the SUVs playing their video games on their multiple monitors. I watch Cops, I see the worst part of the ghetto and the nasty homes with the 65" flat screens on the wall. For the most part, your economical class is directly related to your lifestyle decisions and not the great government handouts or corporate oppression.

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