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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to Bush, What did he know and......

Now that the healthcare debate is staggering and the left is looking to regain power, all of the anti Bush stuff is coming out. We have the left claiming that a former official, being of the opinion that Bush used the terror threat for political posturing, is proof of illegal activities. We have the new administration digging for proof of abuse of terror suspects as a way to imprison those who took part in the interogations.

I must say that the timing is suspect but this is here I will surprise you. I want an investigation into those interrogators and their activities. I want to know whether bush and his administration broke any laws in their quest to save the country after 9/11. If there were illegal activities, I want the guilty to take their punishment.

I realize how crippling it will be for each administration to know that anything and everything they do will be held to a different standard once the next administration takes power and I am not comfortable with that but... WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS!

As a conservative I believe in "risk/reward". If there is a situation that calls for a law to be broken for the greater good then I believe that one should weigh out the risk vs the reward and be willing to face the ramifications of his actions with a clear conscience. If I had a potential terrorist in my hands who might have information that would save any number of Americans I would have little regard for the laws and do whatever is necessary. Then I would take my chances with a jury and accept my punishment. think about it, I was willing to take a life or give my own to preserve freedom, you can be sure that I'd be willing to risk my freedom to save lives.

As far as the whole "terror threat" thing, I am shocked! I can't believe that anyone is surprised that Bush would do that. First of all it is SOP to raise the terror threat during an election period so It's not like he did it militiously. He surly had some say in when the level went up and how long it stayed there and that was strictly to advance the Republican agenda. It does say something about the left that when people are scared they go to the right, maybe there is something to that. The point is that Bush also took away any chance of a third party gaining power. He had people so afraid of an attack under a liberal administration that they weren't willing to risk "wasting" their vote on what they believed in.

Now, I'm not sure that he broke any laws but he did some wrong by any definition. Hopefully we will pay more attention to the next administrations and people will stop blindly supporting these criminals for their label and start seperating right from wrong.

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