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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm sure that you've heard that we have a new Senator from Florida. I'm also sure that you've seen the word "cronyism" more than ever before. I'm really not a fan of Crist, nor did I support his election as Governor, but I must defend him on this topic.

If I were elected as Governor of Florida (I know, you're quivering at the thought) and I was given the responsibility of choosing a Senator to finish out a term, I know exactly who I'd pick.

His name is Tim and he is a good friend of mine. Does that sound like cronyism to you, sure it does, but it's not. Yes, he is my friend and I want to see him do well but that's not why I'd pick him. I'd pick him because I know him well enough to know exactly what he'd do if put into office. I know and trust his morals and his sense of purpose. I know he'd do the right thing rather than the politically correct thing.

It seems like we'd all feel better about our votes if we had become personal friends with the candidates rather than just relying on public perception. I, for one, worry when I support some political figure. I'm afraid that they might be a differant person once they gain the office that they were campaigning for.

Lets face it... Every politician selects his friends for cabinet positions and puts his buddies in better positions. It is the fundimental course of politics and the natural reaction to responsibility.

Now I'd like you to join me in forcing both of them out of office next year. If you don't get why then just look at my post on Marco Rubio from last month (I think) and go from there. I just hope that it's Crist's voting record rather than the charge of cronyism that gets him out of office.

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So-called "cronyism" doesn't just exist in politics, it exists in every environment and at every level. And, more importantly, it has a GREAT deal to do with whom one is comfortable in a working relationship -- we tend to pick those persons who are known entities and with whom we have a minimal comfort and alliance and loyalty level.

It isn't just politics; it's everywhere and it isn't necessarily, on its face, a horribly bad thing.


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