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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fed Up!

Having spent some time cruising through several "progressive" and liberal blogs I have learned alot. I have learned that the hatred for President Bush is alive and still consuming many nutbags. I know that the left,as a whole, thinks it's too smart to have to defend its positions. I know that the left has far more education than life experience, I know that they have been indoctrinated with the proverbial "sense of entitlement" that we hear so much about. Most of all, I know that progressives and liberals HATE rich people.

Let me use this opportunity to help clarify some things for you, for those of you who are reading from left to right...!GNORW ERA UOY. In case you are confused, let me write it the RIGHT way.. YOU ARE WRONG!

You have been brainwashed to think that health care is a right. You are wrong! There are countries (which happen to be nearly bankrupt) where it is a right but this ain't it baby. Here it is a product. A marketable item that has been created as a means of profit. Those who can master it will get rich beyond their wildest dreams... DEAL WITH IT. You could have been a part of that success but you were too lazy or stupid to get involved and now you want to punish those who have made it wildly profitable because you HATE THAT YOU ARE A LOSER!

I'm over it.. I can't stand to hear these sissy liberals talking about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer while insurance companies are making billions on profits. This is America, jack ass! here you take your chances and have the freedom to gain retarded profits on what others think they need. You can also whither away in your own vomit, just don't try to take everyone Else's money because you failed at earning your own.

Try to blow off the liberal haze in your skull and actually think this through. When there was no USA and the world was under the control of benevolent dictators, health care was free. For thousands of years this free health care showed little progress. It was the introduction of "profit" by our free market that pushed the medical industry into the 21st century. The promise of great wealth through a free market still drives all of the new medical technology today. You socialists are trying to put a stop to that progress because your little feelings were hurt when you saw how rich the hard workers and thinkers were getting.

Do you really think people are going to put themselves through more than a decade of higher learning so that they can earn a "reasonable wage", a wage pleasantly equal to all of the dope smoking rejects that flip burgers at the local hamburger stand. Get your socialist head out of your rectum and deal with reality for a second.

You think you have the right to a home, a car, an education, health benefits and anything else you want. This is not the Soviet Union (thank God) so get off of your lazy ass and earn the things you want.. Who knows, maybe you'll appreciate it a little.

Thomas Jefferson was very clear when he wrote that our three rights were "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". He elaborated on that by saying that no government has the right to take life away from you. Nobody can take your freedom from you. Most of all, the promise of a freedom to pursue happiness meant that you would be free to keep that which you have "earned" and that no one can take your property from you. This defined the American dream and this is what defines America.

Please take your socialism and your unfounded sense that you have some kind of obligatory moral perogative to rob the successful of their spoils in the name of good feelings and shove them up your ass. Then feel free to go lump yourself in with the lost souls that crawl around in some other country, wishing that they too could have the chance to live the American Dream!

Sorry but you needed to hear it... need a tissue?


Chris said...

hearing those words brings tears to my eyes. it reminds me of those worthless people who mooch off of uncle sam, and then wind up robbing my house so they can "earn a living". it brings tears to my eyes because of their blood splatter after I blast them trying to rob me. I have been robbed many times by these types of people, and they are the same ones who vote "dem", "lib", or "prog", or whatever the hell they call themselves now. I agree with your statement about our basic human rights. health care is a business, and they have a mighty fine product. sure every company will stray from their general ideas and try new things with their products, but when the demand is high for their old school ones, the ones that made them wealthy in the first place, they always come back home. if you think about it, the healthcare that we know today is still in its infancy. it seems like a long time to us, but in the global scheme of things, its still learning the ropes. health care IS A BENEFIT, NOT A RIGHT(HENCE, HEALTHCARE BENEFITS)!!!!!!! great post and let's hope the libs can actually respond with something about the constitution rather than what they "think" is right.

Silence DoGood said...

Your wish is granted.


"The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States"

Common defense is not a right either but the federal government decided early on the make a standing army a good use of taxes which it has the right to levy.

Congress can decide (and I understand there is quite a debate) as to whether it will use some of the taxes to run a federal influenced or run health plan of some sort. It is not a right but they can decide to institute it in the interest of the General Welfare.

You may not think it is "right" but your implication that the constitution only deals with rights is misguided.

And if congress members are listening to their constituants they may not pass this, the way it sounds.

Anonymous said...

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

As you can see, the STATES and the PEOPLE were seperate from the federal government. The liberals always trot out the general welfare clause and use it as proof they can do anything. The general welfare clause pertains directly to the U.S. government structure and only that which pertains to keeping that structure intact. If they wanted the federal government to have willy nilly power over us than they would not have introduced the 10th amendment. I think they realized it could be interpreted wrong, so they defined it further.

Silence DoGood said...

I was simply addressing the ioriginal post that healthcare is not a right. My retort is so what? This is one of those bumper sticker comments that, although correct is misleading.

Congress can pass legislation that is not specified as a right.

A series of Supreme Court decisions left it that the Congress can take it upon itself to pass bills as long as they were considered for the whole nation of truly general welfare.

Even as a liberal with my half libertarian hat on, I don't like bills that contain pork for special interests because I think that might violate General Walfare. I didn't like Obama's economic recovery for that reason.

And passing legislation for taxation for national defense and general welfare is a power specified in the Constitution.

That is why ammendment X did not disband the standing Army.

Since a standing defensive Army is not a right, are you suggesting we do away with it?

Anonymous said...

It may not be a right, but it is a dilineated power of the the congress to raise and support a standing army. Article 1 section 8 gives clear what powers are within the realm of the federal government. If justices decided beyond those stated, then they went further than the scope of their own powers. It is quite obvious what the intent the Founders had, setting it straight with the 10th amendment. It was to constrain the fed , to limit its power. Does general welfare pertain to food, lodging, clothes, water, or any other percieved necessity? The Founders were separating themselves from a tyrannical centralized goverment. Would they have given this new government the power to run all aspects of their lives? If not, then general welfare was intended to pertain to the government as an entity. The states and the people were also separate entities. If you read other writings from the Founders their is a clear distinction that the federal government was a necessary evil. They knew better decisions could be made if more of that power was left closer to home.

flounder said...

Good debate! That's what I wanted.

There is a constant struggle within our government regarding the "spirit of the law". The left likes to judge the intent of a law based on what they might have been "feeling" if they were the writers of that law. The Republicans judge that spirit based on how it will work best for them.

We, traditional conservatives, simply look at the other writings of the writers of the laws and see what they said about them at the time. Most of our founders published papers and books detailing what they intended to achieve.

flounder said...

I just can't figure out how the left thinks that our founders were in favor of taking from those who have and giving to those who have not, as a way of governing a nation.

Suppose a man comes up with a great product idea that could help people live better lives (Like air conditioning, a toaster, private jets, calculators). He sells a few units at a high price in order to help cover the cost of production of both the original units and more to sell. Only the rich can afford it at this point because there is tremendous cost in production. Soon, however, the quantity of sales helps bring production costs down and others start producing a similar product.

Some invest a great deal of money in creating a better product with the promise of a plentyful return, an investment that they would otherwise not have risked.

People became dependant on a product that mankind had existed without since the dawn of time and for many it feels like they cannot live without it. Sales of this product went through the roof and there were countless varieties ranging from basic cheap (crappy) ones to high end expensive ones but there is a small percentage who still could not afford the product.

The right would suggest that those who could not pay for the product go to someone who had earned more and ask for one or maybe just work a little harder and earn the money for the product on their own. If the price were too high, the products were unreliable or the producer was earning "too much profit" then we could regulate that by simply not buying the product.

The left would claim that it would be in the interest of General Welfare for everyone to have this product and pass a law that allows a government to take the earnings of those who had spent their time creating and amassing wealth and use it to provide this product to those who had spent their time hanging out with their friends and family.

On top of this they would insist that those who had developed the product should only be able to earn a reasonable profit for its sales and production and the left would decide what that profit should be.

This is what's happened with health care. All of the leftist arguments that it would make society better can be equally applied to nearly any product that some hard working person has invested his life into!

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