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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rep and Dem, the two headed snake!

When I hear my wife and her mother speaking spanish I really don't understand the words but I can often understand what they're saying. The same principle applies to the media, they use a language that is coded so that they cannot be held responsible for their words but can still achieve their goals.

Lately we have heard the news media telling us that anything less than the government "option" in the health care reform bill would be a win for "Republicans". What you must remember is that, to them, Republican means "evil rich people who are funded by big insurance". When they spend this much time driving a thought into our heads it is because they want us to think of a win for Republicans as a very bad thing.

They are trying to motivate the left to fight back and force the bill through. History tells us that this is actually less of a "hail mary" and more of a "naked bootleg". It is a play designed to misdirect the right by seemingly moving in the same direction while sending the guy with the ball in the other direction. Trust me, this is, by no means, a blind pass for the endzone.

The one thing that we (red blooded right wing conservative Americans) must be careful of is.. allowing the Republicans to feel like they have gained an advantage over the Dems who seem to be easing the pressure. We need to remind those Republicans that they too are on the chopping block!

This debate never has been about Democrats against Republicans and we MUST NOT allow them to turn it into that. We are here to force both parties to stop working for the party and start working for America. We need to take this piblic awakening and use it to bring the change that everybody really wanted by putting the government back to work for us.

When you write to congress, speak at a town hall meeting or go on a radio show.. you must let them know that you DO NOT look at the "R" or "D" next to the names on the ballot. Make it perfectly clear that a loss for the Dems does not ensure a win for the Republicans. Put on your biggest boot and kick all of their buts out of office, make them earn your vote rather than letting them rely on the missteps of their opponents or their party affiliation.

Use the media's blind hatred for Republicans to your advantage. Today you can be a hero to the next several generations, you can change the course of politics and be known as the new "greatest generation". Spread the word, tell your friends and neighbors, get out there and change the world! Kill the two headed snake that has, for so long, fed on us from both directions only to fill one belly.

The two party system must die or it will rob us of our freedom and our individuality and all that will be left is a small group of lawyers telling us how to live our lives.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You're correct; it's not about the "side of the aisle;" it's about Conservatives vs Leftists & Socialists.


Silence DoGood said...

I am a liberal leaning libertarian if I submit to pigeon-holing.

I would like to applaud your title of "Rep and Dem, the two headed snake!" Well said.

For all of Obama's "change", I see too much of same 'ol.

The media makes big bucks off conflict. Reb vs. Dem., black vs. white, protestors vs. police or each other. I believe Obama used this very skillfully during the campaign.

I am very frustrated because I would love to see some sort of universal health but I just don't trust the DNC and Obama to not drive it into the ground just to make a point.

Question Authority.

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