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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Fox News Balancing Act

The left seems to be fixated on the demolition of the people who oppose them. It's not about facts or reason but personal attacks. Don't get me wrong, I remember the right doing the same crap to Bill Clinton back in the 1990s. There was plenty to complain about regarding his policies but most people go straight for the person because it's so much easier than doing any research or anything.

So I cruised the left wing blogs and tried to post comments to defend our side but I had a very difficult time leaving a comment. Every single left wing blog I went to had a control set up for comments. Most offered no opportunity at all and others had to be approved by a moderator. This is the left at it's finest! Loud but deaf!

They were all fixated on Fox news and Glenn Beck (as well as other conservatives in the media). There was no attempt to disprove what they were saying but they were quick to ridicule their statements. They want to Boycott Beck's advertisers because they don't like what he's saying but they refuse to prove him wrong. But then, he's not wrong... That's why they are trying to shut him down.

Media Matters is at the top of the list. They are all over Fox News and are desperately trying to discredit them. In the mindless mind of the left wing propagandists the left is center and unbiased but anything to the right of radical left is unbalanced and reckless. Again, the attack is personal and not intellectual.

Just for the sake of clarification, I must explain where Fox News sits. They are a right wing news outlet, that is for sure. They claim to be fair and balanced but in and of themselves they are far from it. The balance that they offer is not within their own reporting but in media as a whole. In the world of mass media there are a vast majority of left wing news sources that profess to be unbiased.

You have MSNBC who is a radical left wing attack dog that concentrates on the discrediting of the right but offers no news whatsoever. Then you have The other broadcast outlets as well as the History Channel and the Discovery Channel which are propaganda outlets that present themselves as informational services with no political interest at all. Meanwhile they cram the "global warming" myth down our throats without giving any thought to the broad majority of scientist that refuse to be a part of that particular scam.

All of the "public broadcasting" outlets have no interest in honesty because they have never been held to the standards of the free market. They are funded by the government with no regard to merit so they are a beacon of socialism and attract the "journalists" whose professed intent is to "make a difference". That, by the way, should be the last thing a real journalist would want to do. They should simply take a journal of an event and report the facts.

So Fox is out there to offer the other side of the story. They only show the part that the other media outlets leave out. They give us the opposite slant and thus filling in the gap. They are right wing and proud of it. Why shouldn't they be? After all, every single one of our forefathers was a right wing nut job. Our founding documents are a bible of right wing philosophy and ideology. For that matter, it was our right wing capitalist system that gave the left the freedom to force socialism down our throats. Ironic isn't it.

The point is, you cannot rely on Fox news or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh for all of your news but you should hear what they are saying. At the same time you need to go to NPR and NBC and ABC for the rest of the story so that you can fill in the gaps. There is a ton of information out there and if you believe you will get an unbiased report from any one source then I have some ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you.

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