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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gun Rights Termites

Last night I passed by CNN while surfing my crappy cable provider and had to back up and watch. I know I should have just gone by and found something more entertaining to watch but sometimes you can' look away. Like when you stop on the Spanish channel and just can't look away from the unbelievable and nearly pornographic display of femininity.

They were talking about "gun and drug violence" in Chicago. The reporter asked the two gentlemen what the underlying cause of the problem was but before allowing them to speak he said " it's the guns right, that's the real problem right?". Both guys agreed that the guns were the real problem. I must agree, I mean, assuming that the guns are randomly firing into crowds of thugs and hoodlums it is safe to assume that they are the source of the problems.

But then, if the guns aren't loading and firing themselves then maybe something else is the problem. Na... that's too logical. Anyway, they continued to say that the majority of the problems are "drug related gun violence". They said that a bad home life, bad economy and a culture that celebrates violence have contributed to the gun violence but drugs and access to guns are the biggest part.

This is a state that has extremely strong gun laws and has the highest rate of gun violence. To this fact the reporter showed a graph that said that many of the guns used (70%) are smuggled in from other states. They cited a corridor from Mississippi through Illinois that guns move through. They blamed the "laxed gun laws" in Mississippi for the crime in Chicago. They did not, however, explain why Mississippi has substantially less gun violence in spite of it's "laxed gun laws".

These people, CNN and the left wing media, have admitted that they must pass every part of their agenda now because they may never have this much power again. Now they are starting the engine and about to drive Gun control down our throats. This was the first of what will be many attacks against our second amendment. They are backing up, not because they are giving up, but because they are looking to build momentum. They are going to build steam and start pounding us with everything they have.

Mark my words, GUN CONTROL IS COMING! We will start seeing more and more stories about gun violence and hearing more and more reason that we should seriously restrict gun rights. We have already seen an increase in coverage about gun stories but we have been distracted by health care and all of the rest of the socialist non-sense coming from the left.

Keep your heads on a swivel, I believe that gun control will be masked by a big debate that will not be resolved, Next week we will start hearing about Social Security and how to fix it while the left is moving a quiet protest against guns, DO NOT let them sneak it in.

Oh, for the record... I have seen some liberal blogs that have been voicing an opposition against the Senate. Yes, they want to get rid of the senate because they do not think it's fair that the "religious nutties" in Oklahoma have as much representation as the "majority of progressives" in large States like New York and California. Be afraid, be very afraid!

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