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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How dumb can the left really be?

Sitting at the VA hospital again, waiting, as usual... I listened to the people around me venting about how long the process takes. They were complaining that the system is long and drawn out and that they felt like they had to fight harder for their medical care than they fought in war.

They hated the red tape, they hated that they could barely understand their "towel head doctors" and they hated that they had to wait in line for hours at the VA pharmacy and couldn't just go to the local drug store for medication. They were fed up with the whole deal and couldn't wait for Obama to give us free health care so that everything would be easier.

OK, I realize that I've been a little abrasive in my recent posts and maybe if I stop calling everyone a moron than more people will listen to what I have to say. Well, today ain't that day! These morons make me sick! How freaking stupid can they be? Maybe people that are that dumb shouldn't be allowed to vote.

It is the fact that the VA health care is free that makes it so bad. The doctors (for the most part) are the ones who could not maintain a public sector job because they could not compete in a free market for some reason or another. The red tape is the signature of an over weight government program that is burdened by it's own bureaucracy. The pharmacy is a socialist entity that determines pay rate by tenure rather than merit or customer satisfaction.

So what do these idiots think will happen to the rest of health care when it starts following the same model? Right now only a small percentage of Americans are taking part in the VA system and many of those who are eligible are opting for their own private insurers rather than hassling with the VA. Meanwhile, it is being supported by a vast majority of taxpayers who will never qualify to take advantage of it. Even with this fact, the system is overburdened and barely able to keep itself floating. How do you think things will work once the vast majority of Americans are enrolled in a similar system and it is being funded by a minority of taxpayers?

It wont. So every time I hear some half witted jack ass complaining that the "Republicans just don't want us to have free health care" (which is what one idiot actually said) it makes my blood boil. You can't explain anything to these losers because their sense of entitlement is the only sense they have. Unfortunately, the left is leaning on the ignorant (which makes up a vast majority of America) to pound this "work for free, live for free" socialist concept down the throats of those who understand how devastating the Obama doctrine is to our way of life!

Just to let you know.. The reason I've gotten so abrasive is to incite discussion. I have been trying to find an Obama supporter with a coherent and intelligent argument so that we can have a real debate. It's become obvious that those who are coherent and intelligent are, by nature, on our side. It's emotion and knee jerk reaction that provides the foundation for liberalism so they can not be made to understand, thus there is no intelligent argument for their side and the only response they will ever give is anger and hate!

Please, if you know someone that thinks that anything Obama is doing is good for America, send them my way! Let them defend themselves in the arena of ideas rather than just accepting popular opinion and screwing up the freedoms that so many have given their lives for!

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