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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The best plan ever!

It's time to boil this whole thing down and wrap our minds around the real argument. The debate here is not about policies in and of themselves, it's the fight between socialism and capitalism.

It is a fact that Obama and the majority of Democrats are working towards some kind of quasi-socialism over which they intend to have absolute power. It is also appearent that the majority of Republicans in congress are leaning towards a quasi-capitalist government and they, like the Dems, intend to maintain great regulatory power over their system. Those who agree with the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and me are firm believers in a free market with loose regulation under a system of equally distributed checks and balances. This is known as a republic (it might sound familiar, it was the founding principal of the United States).

So, before I get into my side of the debate I want to qualify what I just told you. I realize that there are many of you who were indoctrinated to believe that the left is center and the right are all nutjobs. You have been told, by the always trustworthy mass media, that republicans are more like Hitler and Democrats are the true patriots who stand for Liberty and justice. That's why you like to call yourself a liberal and a Democrat. Both terms sound really good to you. Now it's time for me to grasp your lids by the lashes and rip your eyes open so that you can witness the blinding light of truth.

The infamous mr. Hitler, along with Marx, Stalin and countless other dictators were socialists right? Ofcourse, at least in fundimental principal they were, over time that kind of power has a tendency to turn benevelence into tyranny. So just because it's more fun for me ( since the left likes to throw Hitler at us all the time) I'm going to compare Obama with with Adolf.

Adolf, like Obama, was a strong proponent for nationalized healthcare. I know that the media today likes to pretend that Obama is only trying to provide a "public option" and many of you believe that lie but it's an absolute fact that he wants the government to control all healthcare. If you think I'm making this up just go to this URL ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-bY92mcOdk&feature=player_embedded ).

Hitler also started government programs to move people out of thier inefficient cars and into little gas savers (the VW Bug). Hitler initiated alternative fuel programs. He regulated profits and set minimum and maximum income levels which he controlled through taxation. He gained control over the major industries within Germany such as banks, energy companies and automotive companies through regulation. He created Hitler youth, very similar to Obamas "GIVE" program. Hitler said that the Constitution of the United States was a bad document because it gave no power to the government, Obama said that it was a "Flawed document" because "instead of saying what the government can't do to you it should say what the government must do on your behalf".

The point is that everything that Obama lays down as his founding Idiology represents a strong desire to become socialist. Now that you except that he is a socialist (if you don't then you really need to seek help) you must accept that you too are a socialist, that is if you support him still. That is not a bad thing, it just means you're emotionally driven and not bound to hard logic. Much of the left, however, is not that radical. They are trying to find a balance between the "fairness" of capitalism and the "equality" of socialism with the emphasis on equality. This, in my opinion is like looking for the balance between life and death, I have no intent to be anywhere inbetween.

On the other side of the isle, there are the quasi-capitalists. They are looking for a similar balance but with the emphasis more on the side of fairness (the results are pretty much the same though). When I speak of fairness and equality I'm referring to overall results. What I mean is that in capitalism everyone starts out with equal opportunity but are in total control of their own results. They are not always equal results but they are completely fair. The governments role in this is small, they are only there to make sure that everyone plays by the same rules.

Socialism is the opposite. The Idea is that, regardless of effort, the results must be equal. This is not fair because those who put out more effort are responsible for carrying those who do not. The appeal, I guess, is that noone will be left behind and society will be somewhat sucessful as a whole. In this system the governments role is very large. They must closely monitor the nations wealth in order to prevent anyone from taking a lions share.

So what works better? That's for you to decide.. but both have a place. There is a natural tendancy among a large group of humans to rely on others. The cure for this tendancy is motivation. I'm sure that many would find that motivation if they were to witness the reality of lazyness first hand.

My solution for this problem is simple, allow California to seperate and become a socialist state within the United States. I'm only willing to give up one state because this country is NOT (and never was) a socialist nation and I would normally suggest that those who like the idea should just move to one. But then, you insist that America would do it differently than the other countries that have tried it over the last ten thousnd years so I'm in favor of giving you your chance.

So here's the plan, Make Obama the president of the Peoples Republic of California (PRC) and put all of the congress people who support him in his new sub-national congress. Remove all federal taxes and benifits from the PRC. Give them a supreme court made up of all justices that were appointed by democrats and fill in the gaps with new appointees that they can confirm on their own. Bind them to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution but let their justice system have the same control over it that they are trying to enforce on us. Allow them to create their own military and fund it as they wish, also allow them to create restrictive policies and rules of engagement so that their soldiers can be held to whatever standards fit thier lifestyles.

While we're at it, we have to ensure free travel in and out of the PRC and allow us to take advantage of their resources without being forced to pay into their system. Open an international pathway so that Mexicans, Canadians and other Nationals can do the same. At the same time, only allow them into our country as tourists or documented workers but strongly regulate our side of the border.

So with all of this how long do you think the PRC would last? Historically this is what will happen next... The constant influx of nonpayers will cause a dramatic drain on the system. The need to seriously strengthen the border will cause the PCR to isolate itself from the rest of the world and limit itself to heavily regulated trade. The cost of trade regulation will inflate prices of imported goods and the government will demand more productivity from the people. The people will be working to support the PRC and keeping only a fraction of their earnings. Those who have a marketable skill will defect to a nation that will allow them to prosper from that skill. The lack of productive workers and natural resources will create a need for expansion so the PRC will start building their military. They will eventually invade the USA and be crushed because the people are fighting for the state and not themselves!

After that you can figure on about 3 generations or roughly 150 years before people forget what happened and they start preaching socialism again and the cycle will continue just as it always has.

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