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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Close Encounter of the Socialist Kind

This morning I listened to our great local community radio station and I got close up and personnal with our adversaries. I listened as a group of "progressives" paraded themselves as the new majority while professing that any right wing leftovers need to come to grips with the new American philosophy.

They insisted that it was time to leave racism behind and except that we have a black president. They believe that the only reason that someone would not support a single payer health care system is simply because they can't stand to see a black man succeed, yet they say that we are the ones bringing race into this debate.

They railed against the Democrats for going for anything less than single payer and actually pointed out that they'd consider voting against Obama in the next election if he accepted anything lessthan single payer.

They Complained that the rich CEOs are sitting back laughing while they pay republican stooges to invade town hall meetings and fight against something that would be "for their own good".

These people really do believe that people will never be free untill the rich are raked over the coals and their money is spread among the poor. They feel that the masses are slaves to the corporations but the corporations hold all of the political power. Somehow they think that capitalism is evil and that the only "American" thing to do is to defeat capitalism and replace it with "progressivism" (or socialist dictatorship to you and me).

They were deeply offended that they had been called "un American" and insisted that what they were offering was the only true definition of Americanism. I felt compelled to set them straight, so I wrote them an e-mail. Below is a copy of the letter I sent....


After listening to your show today I am almost speechless. I have never heard so much anti American rhetoric in my life. Before you click "delete" and move on to another, more supportive e-mail that makes you feel like you're doing the right thing allow me to justify that statement.

First let me explain what it is that defines a country. You see, most "progressives" (a term for socialist cowards who are afraid to admit what they really are) think that America is nothing more than the soil under their feet. This is partially correct but it does not define Americanism. You may also think that a nation is defined by it's culture. This too is only partially correct. Cultures move across borders and through peoples in much the same ways as language, knowledge and even diseases for that matter.

It is, in it's most simplest terms, the fundamental laws that define a nation. Those laws set the geographical borders, facilitate the culture and bind the people as a nation. Those who support the laws and foundation of that nation are patriotic to it and those who wish to completely and fundamentally change it are dissidents. That is to say that they, by definition, are radically unpatriotic.

Think of it this way... If you marry a woman, whom you profess to love, it is OK to want her to change certain behaviors. You may wish that she would wear different clothes or you might convince her to start going to football games even though you know she hates the sport. Would she believe that you hated her because you wanted to make a few subtle changes but wanted to keep her fundamentally the same? Ofcourse not.. But, if you wanted her to change her eye color, hair color, breast size and then made her stop talking to her family, doing the things she likes to do and liking the things she likes she would eventually figure out that the only thing you like about her is the fact that she would let you change her.

This is what's going on with the progressive movement. There are socialist countries all over the world but you know that there is no way that you can affect change in those countries. You have decided to attack America and destroy everything that made it the greatest Nation ever. You are using the freedom, that so many have sacrificed for, as a weapon against itself.

You said today that you only want to prevent the nation from making the decisions that lead to these great failures.This is the fallacy of the left. You don't understand that the essence of being American is the FREEDOM to make such bad decisions and the responsibility to deal with the consequences. This is the guiding principle of capitalism and it is the fact that we've been forced to learn from our mistakes that has led to the very greatness that you wish to destroy.

You spoke of CEOs with so much hate and disdain, as if any success above your own was a deplorable act of evil. I wish that you would take a tape of your broadcast and replace the words "rich" and "CEO" with the "N" word. Maybe then you'd understand that what you are spreading is pure, unadulterated Hate Speech.

The social safety net that you wish to install in place of the free market will put a limit on failures but at the same time will put an equal limit on success. That is the nature of socialism, look around, you'll find this to be an indisputable fact. This, however, is NOT the American way! From the beginning we have been a country of risk takers, we took on the British empire, we built the worlds only real free market economy and we battled tyrants and won wars around the world without taking the enemies land as every other victorious nation had always done.

This is what has led to countless and inconceivable leaps in technology, life spans and freedoms all over the world. Every invention and every medical advancement from every part of the world was driven by our free market. If not for us then Canada and Europe might still have "free healthcare" but then bloodlettings can't be very expensive can they?

The point I've made here is that you are absolutely, by every definition, ANTI-AMERICAN! And while I will continue to send money to your show to help support your freedom to hate your freedom, I will continue to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, as I swore to do upon entering service in the US Army. In that, I will continue to engage every person I meet and I will continue to expose your propaganda through education.

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